Magic Gloves for Syllables- Kinesthetic Learning

Teaching Syllables with magic gloves

Magic Gloves for syllables are a hit for my kids. It may not seem like it would be a good tool to use in the classroom because it’s simply gloves. But when my students slip on their magical syllable gloves, they are more eager and aware of their syllable activities. The Kinesthetic learning aspect of it immediately pushes their brain into a different realm than just simply saying the word aloud.

Magic gloves

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Teaching syllables with magic gloves- a fun and engaging way to help students hear syllables in spoken words
Teaching syllables with magic gloves- How to help students hear syllables in spoken words

How this works is students pick a card, clap it out, and place it on the mats. This center shown above comes from my Thanksgiving pack! The students had a blast with their syllable gloves and I think it made sorting syllables much easier for them.

Below,  you’ll find some really syllable-focused activities that come from my RF1.2 and RF1.3 pack. The RF1.2 focuses on students hearing the syllables in spoken words. The RF1.3 pack has students focus on breaking up words into two syllables. The magic syllable gloves will really help with both of these skills! And the RFK.2b pack teaches kindergartens what syllables are!

Syllables Activities Your Kids Will Love

Learning syllables activities for students
Syllables foundational skills for kindergarten

Kindergarten Syllables Unit (Link: RFK.2.b)

There are lessons, hands-on activities, and worksheets for students to practice syllables. This is their first exposure to syllables in kindergarten, so lots of practice is suggested!

Learning syllables activities for students
Phonological awareness foundational skills for 1st graders

1st Grade Phonological Awareness (lesson on syllables)  (Link: RF1.2)

First grade introduces one and two-syllable words. There are also syllable activities in RF1.3, too, if you were interested in getting more in-depth with student’s practice on syllables.

Need some more inspiration for teaching fluency in your primary classroom?

Check out this post for Fantastic Fluency Tools that will inspire and engage your students.

Syllable activities for primary students. Learning syllables with kinesthetic movements

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