The 10 Best End-of-Year Read-Alouds for Elementary School Teachers and Students

These 10 read alouds are great resources for elementary teachers at the end of the year. Students will love the engaging stories and so will you! Add these educational and fun books to your lesson plans as reading comprehension activities or as a classroom environment and management tool.

The end of the school year is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a collection of engaging read alouds that will leave your students with lasting memories? As the year comes to an end, it’s essential to choose books that inspire, entertain, and reinforce the positive character-building you’ve done throughout the year. As teachers, we understand the impact that books can have in the classroom. That’s why I’ve collected my Top 10 read-alouds (with a few extra) for the end of the school year. These books are sure to help you and your students end the year in a magical way!

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Read Alouds for Encouragement

Children's read aloud picture book on teacher desk with school supplies, mentor text for elementary classroom lesson at the end of the school year

Firstly, I have gathered read-alouds that will inspire and encourage your students as they approach the end of the school year. These books are filled with uplifting messages, empowering narratives, and heartfelt stories. They will remind students of their strength, resilience, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Get ready to inspire your students with these powerful read-alouds. These books will leave them feeling motivated and ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

  • My Teacher Likes to Say
    • Teachers leave a lasting impact on their students, and this book captures the wise and witty sayings that echo through the hallways. Explore the amusing phrases that teachers love to share and remind your students of the valuable lessons they’ve learned throughout the year.
  • Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know
    • As the school year comes to a close, it’s important to remind your students that they are cherished and supported wherever they may go. Melissa Kruger’s touching book beautifully captures the sentiments of love, encouragement, and friendship. Share this heartfelt read-aloud to remind your students that they carry the warmth of your classroom with them wherever their journey takes them.
  • I Wish You More
    • Additionally, you can end the school year on a heartwarming note with this book filled with uplifting wishes for your students’ futures. Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s inspiring words and enchanting illustrations remind us of the limitless potential and endless possibilities that lie ahead.
  • Lizzie and the Last Day of School
    • Lizzie’s last day of school is filled with excitement, laughter, and bittersweet farewells. Join Lizzie and her friends as they create unforgettable memories and learn the value of cherishing every moment together.
  • Breathe
    • Finally, take a moment to breathe and reflect on the challenges and triumphs you and your students have experienced together. Scott Magoon’s beautiful illustrations and simple yet powerful words remind us to embrace each breath and appreciate the journey.

Engaging Read Alouds for Building Character

Children's read aloud picture book on teacher desk with school supplies, mentor text for elementary classroom lesson at the end of the school year

Character-building is a vital aspect of education, and what better time to reinforce those values than the end of the school year? In this section, I have listed my 4 favorite read-alouds that focus on strong character traits. These captivating stories will capture your students’ hearts and minds, teaching them important life lessons and encouraging them to become compassionate, responsible, and resilient individuals. After all, these stories will remind students how wonderful they are as themselves, encouraging individuality and confidence.

  • Happy Dreamer
    • Embrace the dreamers and free spirits in your classroom with Peter H. Reynolds’ uplifting story of self-expression and imagination. As the school year comes to an end, encourage your students to embrace their unique abilities and celebrate their creative potential.
  • One and Only You
    • Also, celebrate individuality and the power of diversity with Linda Kranz’s enchanting tale. As your students embark on their own journeys, this book serves as a gentle reminder to embrace their uniqueness and spread kindness wherever they go.
  • The Magical Yet
    • Certainly, you can ignite your students’ imaginations with “The Magical Yet” by Angela DiTerlizzi. This enchanting read-aloud reminds young minds of the power of perseverance and the transformative magic of the word “yet.” It encourages a growth mindset, reminding students that even if they haven’t achieved something yet, with determination and effort, they can accomplish great things. Inspire your students to embrace the journey of learning, knowing that every “yet” brings them closer to their goals.
  • Be You!
    • Embrace the power of individuality and self-acceptance with Peter H. Reynolds’ empowering book, “Be You.” As the school year ends, remind your students of the importance of staying true to themselves and celebrating their unique qualities. Encourage them to be confident, kind, and fearless in pursuing their dreams. This uplifting read-aloud will inspire your students to embrace their authenticity and spread their wings with pride.

Reinforce your Positive Classroom Environment

Children's read aloud picture book on teacher desk with school supplies, mentor text for elementary classroom lesson at the end of the school year

Next up, it’s crucial to maintain a positive and supportive classroom environment until the very end. In this section, I have selected read-alouds that reinforce the importance of teamwork, friendship, inclusivity, and respect. These books will help create a sense of unity among your students, reminding them of the power of working together and embracing diversity. By sharing these stories, you will strengthen the bonds within your classroom, leaving your students with a lasting impression of a harmonious and inclusive learning community.

  • Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden:
    • As the final blooms of the school year blossom, Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden teaches valuable lessons about growth, nurturing, and the power of education. While you read, you will join Mrs. Spitzer as she tends to her students. Of course, she is cultivating their potential and preparing them for the world beyond the classroom.
  • Our Class is a Family
    • Next, we have a heartwarming story by Shannon Olsen. As you read, this story emphasizes the importance of community and unity within the classroom. This will help you remind your students that they’re part of a loving, supportive family. And, that you will always be there for them.
  • A Letter From Your Teacher:
    • This may be an emotional journey as you read a heartfelt letter from a caring teacher to their students. Reflect on memories made, connections formed, and challenges met in your own classroom as you read this story. Students will leave with confidence, knowing their teacher is cheering them on for the future.
  • When It’s The Last Day of School
    • Maribeth Boelts’ charming story captures the anticipation, excitement, and sense of possibility that comes with the last day of school. Join the students as they bid farewell to another memorable year and look ahead to the adventures that await them.

Silly Read Alouds for Fun

Children's read aloud picture book on teacher desk with school supplies, mentor text for elementary classroom lesson at the end of the school year

Lastly, the end of the school year is a time for celebration and laughter. Here is a collection of silly read-aloud that will tickle your students’ funny bones and create joyous memories. These delightful stories are filled with quirky characters and hilarious situations. The clever wordplay is guaranteed to have your students giggling and smiling from ear to ear.

  • Last Day Blues
    • The end of the school year can evoke a mix of emotions, both for students and teachers. Julie Danneberg’s delightful book humorously depicts the last-day jitters experienced by a group of lovable students. But that’s not all. Their teacher, too, has mixed emotions, highlighting the bonds that make every school year special.
  • Do Not Bring Your Dragon to School
    • Dragons in the classroom? It’s a recipe for hilarious chaos! Julie Gassman’s delightful tale will have your students giggling as they discover the surprising consequences of bringing dragons to school. This whimsical story reminds us to leave our fire-breathing friends at home on the last day!
  • The Year of Billy Miller
    • Follow Billy Miller’s ups and downs as he navigates second grade in this heartwarming novel. Kevin Henkes beautifully captures the challenges and triumphs of school life. This story is a perfect read for students transitioning to the next grade.

As you bid farewell to another unforgettable school year, think about how books can impact the year. These read-alouds will create lasting memories, spark laughter, and inspire your students to embrace the joy of learning.

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