Top 10 Teacher Gifts for the Holidays

Top 10 last minute Amazon gift for teachers

Are you a teacher, buying for a teacher friend? Are you a mom or dad looking for your child’s teacher? Need ideas? You’re in luck. I’ve gathered the top 10 teacher gifts for the holidays including some wonderful teacher goodies that are not coffee mugs! Sure, there’s a water cup in here, but it has a clever saying that teachers just love. So, browse through these 10 items teachers are loving right now. The ten links in this blog post are all Amazon affiliate links.

Amazon Prime for Last-Minute Gifts

The beauty of using Amazon for last-minute gifts is Prime, so if you have Prime, you’re in luck. I’ve picked all items that are Prime shipping, so you’ll get them in two days! Here’s my list for the top 10 teacher gifts for the holidays

Amazon gift card for teachers

1. Amazon Gift Card

(Link: Gift Card)
First, gift cards are the easiest and most simple gift you can give a teacher if you’re struggling for ideas. Amazon is an excellent place for teachers to grab materials for the classroom without having to head to Walmart to fight the crowd. The link above sends an Amazon gift card WITH an adorable card! water bottle for teachers

2. Water Bottle

(Link: Water Bottle)

*This specific design is currently sold out, BUT there are other cute designs.*
I personally own this water bottle, and it definitely makes me drink more water. Anything for that matter is a great gift for teachers. This water bottle, though, has the most fitting saying for a teacher to use throughout his or her day in the classroom.

3. Cupcake and Kisses Weekly Desk Planner

(Link: Weekly Mini Planner)
This planner is so neat and different. It’s hard to tell in this picture, so you’ll have to click to check it out, BUT it’s half the size of a printer paper (hot dog size). There are weekly to-do blocks, daily to-do schedule blocks, goals, and more! I’m certainly getting this as well for myself.

Teacher Gifts- Coloring books for teachers on Amazon.

4. How Teachers Swear! Color Book

(Link: Coloring Book)
This item is just hilarious and perfect for any teacher friend with a silly sense of humor. It’s a coloring book filled with replacement swear words. Coloring is a great stress reliever while you’re watching Netflix before bed, but coloring the words ‘fiddlesticks’ and ‘geez louise’ is even better.

Teacher Gifts- Teacher themed socks on Amazon.

5. Teacher Socks

(Link: Teacher Socks)
I know two teacher friends who NEED these socks. And, they have quite a wonderful sock collection. Sure, it may be weird to give a teacher friend a pair of socks, but there are some teachers out there who just love zany socks. These apple and ruler themed socks are a perfect match for those teachers.

Teacher Gifts- Teacher infinity bracelet on Amazon.

6. Teacher Infinity Bracelet

(Link: Teacher Bracelet)
This bracelet comes in all different colors, but the teal and white is my favorite for teachers. This bracelet would fit comfortably around most teachers’ wrists and it comes with a love, apple, and teacher charm. Meaningful and adorable!

Teacher Gifts- Wonder book idea for teachers on Amazon.

7. Wonder by R.J. Palacio

(Link: Wonder)
No matter what grade level the teacher you’re giving a gift to teaches, this book will be very much appreciated. While you’re purchasing this for your teacher friend, make sure to grab one for yourself. It is one of those amazing books that everyone in the world should read.

Teacher Gifts- Flair pens for teachers on Amazon.

8. Flair Pens. Always

(Link: 24 Pack Flair Pens)

Yes, Flair pens are great. But a MEGA pack of 24 Flair pens is even better. This mega pack comes with the traditional colors, plus a few new ones that have come out over the years. If you’re a non-teacher purchasing for a teacher, know that Flair pens are a necessity for most classrooms.

Teacher Gifts- Dry erase pockets gift idea for teachers on Amazon.

9. Centers Dry Erase Pockets

(Link: Dry Erase Pockets)
In my classroom, these pockets were something I could NEVER get enough of. I was able to copy six copies of a printable sheet without making a class set. We had limited copies in my school, so I had to make sure my copies in the classroom did not go to waste. So I’d print six copies instead of 26 for center activities. They’re great for small groups, too!

Teacher Gifts- Hand lettering gift idea for teachers on Amazon.

10. Hand Lettering 101

(Link: Hand Lettering Tutorials)

And finally, we have a hand lettering practice book. This gift is something that teachers can take home and learn to write fancy letters. This isn’t something they’d necessarily need for the classroom, but it is definitely something that would relax a teacher and give them a fun hobby idea. I’ll be purchasing one of these for myself, too!

Thanks for shopping, guys. I hope you enjoyed my top 10 teacher gifts for the holidays. Good luck!

Teacher Gifts- Last minute gifts for teachers on Amazon

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