Virtual Christmas Ideas in the Classroom

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Christmas is quickly approaching and many of us are still trying to figure out how to include Christmas activities in our virtual instruction! So, this blog post will serve as a list of virtual Christmas ideas!

Strong Mentor Texts

Christmas read alouds, holiday picture books

Typically, when planning, I choose my read alouds and mentors texts first! Read alouds are the perfect way to add topic-specific content to your instruction. As I mentioned in my Christmas Around the World post, I would recommend prerecording your read alouds. Further, you could YouTube videos of your favorite stories being read aloud. Then, upload them to your classroom dashboard. This is a simple way to turn a typical lesson component into a virtual one. Students will love getting to hear the stories and can watch the videos as many times as they want!

The affiliate links below are to some of my favorite read alouds for Christmas.

Christmas Directed Drawings

Winter/holiday/Christmas directed drawing, classroom activity

Firstly, directed drawings are great for virtual instruction. Students love this activity and it is great for teachers, too! After finding a directed drawing video that you’d like to use (or recording one yourself), you can post this as an activity through your online classroom portal. You could even lead a directed drawing live!

Directed drawings promote listening skills, following directions, art elements, creativity, and more! Furthermore, students will be so proud to see their finished drawings displayed in the classroom or in their at home learning space! I have linked four great directed drawing videos below.

Digital Christmas Reading Activities

Christmas reading flip book, digital or virtual activity

Secondly, if you’re teaching your kiddos about Christmas traditions in America, check out this digital flip book! The interactive activity includes reading, writing, and comprehension elements. There are follow up comprehension activities for the passage, too. Students will simply pull it up on Google Slides, and manipulate the elements with their mouse and keyboard. Grab yours with the buttons above.

Christmas/December fiction stories, reading comprehension activity

Similarly, these themed reading passages are great virtual Christmas activities. They are an excellent tool for comprehension practice. In this product, you will find five Christmas stories with 2 skill-specific comprehension activities for each. One of the comprehension pages deals with answering questions about the text and the other deals with writing a response based on the passage.

And, no more collecting papers! Now that this product is digital, students can complete the story and comprehension activities and simply submit them to you!

December, winter paired passages, fiction and nonfiction digital comprehension activity

Here, we have another Christmas-themed reading activity! These paired passages have engaging texts and skill-specific comprehension questions. With both a fiction and a nonfiction text for each topic, students will be practicing both genre skills. The 5 paired passage sets are:

  • Reindeer & Reindeer Tryouts
  • Christmas & Christmas in a Barn
  • Hanukkah & Lighting the Menorah
  • Winter & Snow Day Tricks
  • Christmas Around the World & Presenting My Holiday
Digital Christmas Around the World reading comprehension activity

It may be too late for you to complete a full Virtual Christmas Around the World, but it isn’t too late for you to include instruction on Christmas traditions from around the world, you could do a Virtual Christmas Around the World! If you don’t have a lot of time in your December plans, I have a resource for you! This add-on pack has reading passages with comprehension questions for each country’s Christmas or holiday traditions. Above all, a comprehension set can be easily added to your plans without taking a ton of time from your typical schedule!

Games & Brain Breaks for Virtual Christmas Ideas

Holiday brain breaks

To switch things up, incorporate some holiday-themed brain breaks! Brain break videos can be shared as links for your kiddos to do from home or pull them up on your projector at school. For instance, GoNoodle has several to choose from. Or, find some fun brain breaks on YouTube.These will surely get your kiddos up and moving!

Holiday interactive games

If you’d like to add some fun to your virtual Christmas activities, go no further than ABCya! Here, they have many Christmas and holiday-themed interactive games. For example, this one, Christmas Lights Math, is a Christmas activity to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts! Solve math problems and decorate your house. Students love this game!

Here are a few suggested resources for a Virtual Christmas!

For your ease, all of the products mentioned have been updated to include digital formats. Each of these virtual Christmas activities is cross-curricular with a reading focus with social studies topics and information. In addition, the digital versions of these products are easy to use, share, and collect. They work with Google Classroom and Seesaw! I hope that they help lighten your load a bit as we are all still adjusting to virtual learning!


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