6 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your ELA Block

Everything about planning your ELA block

This summer, I updated my ELA webinar that I previously ran as live events in the summer. I turned it into a YouTube video that you can stream and watch anytime you’d like. Some people aren’t visual learners, though, so I wanted to allow you to read the content too. If you’d rather browse through pictures and read about my ELA tips, then this blog series is perfect for you! Here are the topics we’re going to talk about as part of the things to keep in mind when planning your ELA Block.

6 steps to plan your ELA block- YouTube and blog series.
  1. Questions to ask yourself before you plan
  2. Different structure options
  3. Planning out what it will look like
  4. Plans to differentiate
  5. ELA Organization Tips
  6. Next Steps to Getting Started

So, over the next six days, I’m going to release a new topic and link it to the titles above. If you follow along with my blog or my Facebook, you will get notifications that way, too. Tomorrow, you can be on the lookout for topic 1 on things to keep in mind when planning your ELA Block.

However, if you’ve read all that and realized you’d rather watch the video, no need to worry. All the content I’m going to cover in my blog series can be found in this video. So, if you’re an auditory/visual learner, watch the video here.


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