What Distance Learning Can Teach Us

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Hello teachers. These crazy times have challenged all of us and have definitely changed the way we teach! Distance learning has become our new normal.

I am extremely proud of how teachers have handled the changes during this crisis. It is a crisis. So, there are no expectations for how much needs to be learned, changed, done, etc. We are all doing the best we can.

That being said, digital learning is here. Some teachers are finding things that they enjoy about digital learning that they plan to adopt next year. So, I polled my Facebook group to find out what teachers have added to their new toolboxes!

More than 50 responses came in about what teachers have learned to love during distance learning, things they will implement next year. I have compiled a list of the most common responses. It is completely understandable if you have no intention of adding these components to your class next year, but here’s a look at some options!

Quote about growing from distance learning

Google Classroom is an excellent tool for use in all classrooms! During this time, a lot of teachers have learned its benefits and plan on all-year implementation for the future.  The benefits of Google Classroom extend beyond communication and link sharing, although those have made distance learning a bit easier. The Google platform has other really helpful tools:  Slides, Docs and Forms are excellent ways for students to apply their learning and skills.

Quote about growing from distance learning
Quote about growing from distance learning

Have you tried Boom Cards, yet? They are awesome! And lots of teachers are learning how easily that can be implemented into your distance learning. These digital decks of task cards are great for distance learning, but also perfect for typical education settings. They are perfect centers, skill practice, assessment and much more! You can check them out at https://wow.boomlearning.com/.

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I’ve seen lots of teachers using screen casting as a distance learning tool lately. Even throughout a typical school year, screen casting can help your students learn! You can record a story read aloud, instructions for an activity or even an entire lesson for students to watch back. And, a screen cast can be easily added to your Google Classroom.

Quote about growing from distance learning

Seesaw is another platform that makes digital learning easier! This tool allows you to communicate with students and parents, store portfolio pieces, post activities and so much more!

Quote about growing from distance learning
Quote about growing from distance learning

For many teachers, this time has shown them how they will incorporate use of technology during class! Use of technology and digital platforms for differentiation will be a major component of classrooms next year (and likely was already).

Quote about growing from distance learning

I am sure that this will be a part of your Back to School or Parent Teacher Nights next year. When parents and teachers work as a team, it makes educating students so much more successful. During this time, there has been a learning curve for teachers, students AND parents. So, preparing parents and teaching them how to help at home will be a good first step.

Quote about growing from distance learning

Nearpod is a cooperative learning tool found online, too! I have seen a lot of talk about it over these past several weeks!

Remember, we all are learning during these times. I am so proud of all teachers and how hard you are working to improve the lives of students across the world! So, if you have any other tips or tricks, please don’t hesitate to add to the list in our facebook group or start a discussion!

Want more digital teaching ideas?

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