Women’s History Month Activities (With a Writing FREEBIE)

Women’s History Month is throughout the month of March. It is essential that we as educators, help teach our students the importance of women in our history. Teaching each of these influential women and their impact on history will make a lasting impression on your students! Women’s History Month activities are one strategy to accomplish students learning.

Today’s blog post is all about reading resources for Women’s History Month!

We’re going to look at fantastic read-alouds or picture books, some more advanced chapter books for higher readers, online materials to learn, and some resources from TPT you can grab!

Read Alouds and Picture Books

These are great books to either read to your class aloud or put into student reading centers to read on their own or with partners. Some are specific to important women in history and areas of study, while others focus on women in history in general. The texts below are linked to affiliate books on Amazon!

Online Videos and Materials

Very similar to my Black History Month blog post from last month, two websites are simply incredible for teaching biographies. These two websites are my go-to’s for science and social studies topics. Have you tried out Pebble Go or Brain Pop Jr.?

Womens' History Month biography activities- BrainPop Jr. videos.

 (Link: Brain Pop Women’s History Category)

There are tons of videos on Brain Pop for Women’s History Month. These videos would be great to show one a day to showcase the many strong women in history. Additionally, you could even set this as the technology assignment for the month and have students explore and learn on their own during technology time.

 BrainPop Jr. videos for Women's History Month.

(Link: Brain Pop Suffrage Video)

This is included in the Women’s History Month category on BrainPop. It’s titled Women’s Suffrage and it really gives great insight into some of the struggles women have seen throughout history.

 BrainPop Jr. women's biography videos

 (Link: Brain Pop Jr. Women’s Biographies)

If you need videos for a younger set of kiddos, there are a few biography videos about influential women on Brain Pop Jr.

Pebble Go biographies on women.

 (Link: PebbleGo Women)

And, Pebble Go has an incredible amount of biographies on women! They have them separated into categories such as athletes, first ladies, scientists, and more!

Biography Materials

These are the biography sets that I’ve made for TPT. They come with a reading passage, cut and paste timeline, research fact writing page, informational writing page, flipbook with a reading passage, comprehension questions, true and false sorting, and finally, a writing page. I have 12 women’s biography packs in my entire Biography Bundle. I have pulled them out of the mega bundle in case you didn’t want all of them. And I’ve put them into a mini bundle to save you guys money!

Women's histories month mini bundle

 There are twelve biography sets in this mini bundle. Click the picture below to grab them.

Womens' History Month biography mini bundle.

(Link: Women’s History Month Bundle)

Women’s History Month Activities Freebie

This freebie will help students connect learning about strong women in historical and present times with women in their own lives. They will choose a strong woman that they know, whether it’s a teacher, tutor, friend, mother, sister, cousin, etc. Then, they will illustrate them, describe them, identify why they are strong, and identify what they would like to say to them.

Strong women freebie

(Link: FREEBIE Writing Assignment)

Hopefully, you’ve found my Women’s History Month activities and suggestions of value. And, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for fantastic educational resources.

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