3 Ways Reading Exit Tickets Can Improve Your Teaching

As teachers, we are constantly looking for ways to check for understanding. We want to know: Was that lesson effective? Did they “get it”? Who still has misconceptions? Who is ready to move forward? So, today I am going to talk about how exit tickets can improve our teaching and keep us on track!

Informal Assessment to Check for Understanding

Daily Exit Tickets 1st Grade 2nd Grade RL, RL ELA, CCSS

First, exit tickets are a quick and easy way to check for students’ understanding. You will be able to get a look at what concepts you need to provide additional instruction for. You will know what misconceptions will need to be addressed. And, you will know when your students are ready to move on to another skill or standard. This a great way to prevent students from “falling through the cracks.”

Planning for Intervention

Daily Exit Tickets 1st Grade 2nd Grade RL, RL ELA, CCSS

Secondly, exit tickets are a perfect tool to plan for intervention. With a quick glance, you will be able to see who needs to be pulled for small-group instruction, who has misconceptions, who has already reached mastery, etc. This will make your intervention and extension planning easy and effective. With just a few questions, you will even be able to see who is misunderstanding in similar ways, which can make your small-group instruction even more intentional. Plus, you will see who is at mastery and is ready for some skill extension!

Daily Check-Ins for Focused Teaching

Daily Exit Tickets 1st Grade 2nd Grade RL, RL ELA, CCSS

Lastly, having an exit ticket is a great way to get an instructional check-in. It is important for us, as teachers, to assess ourselves, as well. Exit tickets can show us how effective our lesson was. Did a majority of the students understand the content? Great! Did a majority of the students not understand the content? Well, we need to make some alterations to that lesson. Then, we can make some adjustments and try again!

Suggested Resources

Are you searching for exit tickets to assess your 1st or 2nd grade students? These daily quick check tickets cover 1st & 2nd grade RL & RI standards. Simply print and cut. Then, you will pass a ticket out each day after your reading lesson to quickly assess your students’ grasp of standards-based instruction.

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