6 Great Books to Use for Labor Day in Your Classroom

Labor Day is quickly approaching! This holiday is often overlooked because the beginning of the year is so busy. But it is an excellent chance to teach your students about the helpers in their communities. There are great Labor Day books, but my six favorites are listed below. These books allow students to think and talk about how labor impacts people’s daily lives, how everyone’s jobs are important, and how we should be grateful for all types of workers.

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Night Job

Karen Hesse sends a beautiful message with Night Job. It is a great Labor Day book as it tells the tender and powerful story of a boy and his father and their everyday “normal”. The boy’s father works at night as a custodian while the rest of the city winds down to sleep. The boy accompanies him. I like this story because it is a great way to open conversations about the different types of jobs our parents and guardians do and why they do them.

Career Day

Whose Tools Are These?

Career Day

Jobs Around Town: Berenstain Bears

Cloverleaf Books: Community Helpers

Suggested Resources

If you’re looking for other activities to go with your Labor Day read alouds, these three resources are perfect for you! With both digital and printable options, the Labor Day and Community Helpers flip books are easy additions to your lesson plans. They combine reading and writing activities with a craft, so kiddos love them, too! The No Prep Social Studies Unit has everything you need to teach your students about communities!

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