April and Spring Teaching Resources (with a FREEBIE)

April resources for teachers

Last month, I showcased a few of the March products available for sale in my store. I’d like to do that again, this time for the month of April. Here are my April and Spring teaching resources just for you!

April is a time for all things spring, insects, flowers, Easter, the Easter Bunny, rain, and more! The weather is finally getting warm again and the kids are able to get back outside for recess. It’s time to bring in April themes into the classroom. Here is a roundup of some April and Spring teaching resources
I have to offer, plus a rain freebie!

ELA Resources for Spring

(Spring Reading Comprehension)

In this product, you will find five Spring reading stories with two comprehension activities for each. One of the comprehension papers deals with answering questions about the text and the other paper deals with writing a response based on the passage. Topics include rain, puddles, and flowers.

(All About Spring- Nonfiction Reading)

This spring unit comes with all things E.L.A.: reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. It also includes three different themes to use: spring weather, plants, and our Earth. In each unit, there are KWL charts, reading passages, mini books, vocabulary activities, interactive books, and writing activities.

Life Cycles in Spring Unit)

The activities pack is for on-the-go teachers. There are passages, comprehension activities, cut and paste pages, labeling pages, writing pages, vocabulary pages, and Fold and Go readers. It covers Butterfly Life Cycles, Chicken Life Cycles, and Frog Life Cycles.

April Paired Passages)

Reading comprehension is a big skill necessary for success in elementary schools. This product comes with five paired sets, which are ten passages. Each set comes with a nonfiction story and a fiction story, plus questions and comprehension work for both. There are also two sheets that work on comparing fiction and nonfiction stories. The topics are Arbor Day, Easter, rain, Earth Day, and plants.

Spring Interactive Writing)

This product is a fun interactive writing product that involves real photographs and narrative writing. Students will cut and paste their own sequence, then write about it. They will cut and paste the beginning, middle, and ending pictures, write about the beginning, middle, and end for a pre-write, then expand with their writing. Topics include spring, plants, seeds, tornadoes, Easter, and spring animals.

April Small Group)

This early literacy activity pack brings you 12 different activities to help struggling students. The 12 intervention activities range from syllables to creating simple sentences. Please make sure to look at the preview before buying to make sure it will meet the needs of your primary students who need extra practice.

(Spring Close Reading)

This pack comes with 14 weeks of Springtime Close Reading. Each week has four days of activities. There is a mini introduction to Close Reading at the beginning of the product, plus three general graphic organizers in case you want to supplement Asking Questions, Main Idea/Detail, and Fact-Finding.

Easter Reading Stories)

In this product, you will find five stories with two comprehension activities for each for Easter. One of the comprehension papers deals with answering questions about the text and the other paper deals with writing a response based on the passage.

WRITING PROMPTS- April activities for kids.

Writing Prompts

(April Writing Prompts)

These 25 April writing journal prompts are to be cut and glued to the top of a student’s writing journal.

(April On the Go)

In this packet, you’ll find 40 April printables for quick and easy teaching. These 40 learning sheets revolve around April themes (spring activities, spring weather, Earth Day).

(Spring Coloring Sheets)

This Spring themed coloring sheet pack contains ten pictures for students to work on in the morning, for homework, or during downtime. There are five sheets to practice sight words and five sheets to practice decade words.

A Collection of Spring Flip Books

Each flip book comes with a nonfiction passage. That is the first page of the flip book. Then, there are follow up activities such as comprehension questions, writing responses, and cut and glue fact/opinions and true/falses.

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April resources for teachers

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