Digital Comprehension Activities

Comprehension is a key skill for students to learn, especially in grades 1st through 4th. It can involve a lot of printing, prepping, and collecting, though. Using digital comprehension activities can really lighten your load! Read on to learn about digital comprehension activities that can be implemented in your classroom.

Find High-Interest Reading on Epic

Epic digital library resource for kids

Firstly, Epic is a great digital comprehension platform. Epic is completely free for students to use for a limited time. Epic has a vast library of books, educational videos, and activities. Students love it, too! Teachers search Epic for specific books and assign them to students. Students can respond to the book in writing as a good way to check for comprehension. Finally, Epic has many different genres and virtual comprehension activities to serve students of all ages.

Get started with Epic here.

Google Classroom Comprehension Activities

Google Classroom and Google Slides reading passage comprehension activity

Google Classroom is another platform that can be used to deliver digital comprehension activities. Assign Google Slides digital comprehension passages and questions through Google Classroom. They are interactive and can be used for in-class activities or homework. These are perfect for targeting 1st through 4th-grade comprehension standards.

Links to all Slides resources are below!

Google Classroom and Google Forms reading passage and comprehension activity

Another method for presenting digital comprehension activities is via Google Forms and Google Classroom. Students love these digital comprehension activities as they are interactive and fun. They will read the passage and answer the questions in Google Forms. Google Forms allows for a variety of question formats. This is effective as students explain their thoughts with short and long answer questions as well as other question formats.

Give Them a Break from Reading Digital Passages… Let Them Watch

Educational videos and virtual comprehension resources

Students learn best when they are given different opportunities to apply their skills. Using digital passages and educational videos as effective virtual comprehension strategies. By watching educational videos and passages, students are able to take notes on what they are listening to. This will allow them to analyze the story deeply. Additionally, teachers can use this as discussion posts for students. Then, have them post in your classroom platform with 3 sentences of what they learned from each video. This is another great way to assess their reading comprehension and note-taking skills.

Free online educational videos:

Here are a few other websites that can help, too.

  • ReadWorks
  • ReadWriteThink
  • Amazon Prime Reading- 10 free books at a time
  • Reading A-Z (paid subscription)
  • Local library (Libby, OverDrive, Hoopla)

Suggested Digital Comprehension Activities

Lastly, these 3 resources are available in Google Forms. They range from 1st to 2nd-grade reading levels.

Furthermore, these 8 resources are available in Google Slides. They range from 1st to 4th-grade reading levels and are aligned by Common Core standards.

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