Digital Tools for Teaching Measurement

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This is the final part of a 5-day blog series all about teaching Measurement and Data! From hands-on activities and manipulatives to technology-based approaches, there are lots of great ways to teach measurement and data so that your students acquire essential skills while having fun at the same time.

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In this fifth post of the series, we’ll explore digital tools that will support you as you teach measurement and data in your elementary classroom.

Because the Measurement and Data standards cover so many skills, I am going to keep each of the blog posts organized in skill domain sections. Each section will have links to digital videos, lessons, tools, and games.

Digital Dimensions & Distance

To start, here are my favorite digital tools for measuring length and distance!

Measurement Videos

Lessons & Activities (Digital)

  • Khan Academy: Measurement- Units of Length
    • Now, if you haven’t used Khan Academy yet, go for it! They have grade-level skills broken down into small chunks of instruction and practice. I love the interactive elements and scaffolded instruction!
  • IXL: Measurement Skill Units
    • Shown in Photo Above, Right
    • Additionally, IXL has skill-specific practice. It is awesome because they offer reteaching and correction when a student answers incorrectly. Consider assigning specific “units” of instruction and practice from IXL for your measurement unit.
  • Measurement Songs Playlist (NumberRock)
    • Math songs are great for remembering specific units and measurement concepts. NumberRock has songs for a lot of measurement skills!

Measurement Tools (Digital)

  • Digital Measurement Worksheets: 1st Grade | 2nd Grade
    • Shown in Photo Above, Left
      • These are digital versions of my 1st & 2nd Grade CCSS Measurement Worksheets! They are interactive and perfect for digital measurement practice. Plus, no paper or prep is needed!
  • Measurement Short Answer Problems: 1st Grade | 2nd Grade
    • Similarly, these are the digital version of my 1st & 2nd Grade CCSS Measurement Short Answer Pages. Students can practice measurement and show what they know!
  • Digital Ruler Practice (The Ruler Game)
    • A great interactive ruler!
  • Measurement Workshop (Mr. Nussbaum)
    • This is an interactive “workshop” where students will practice using measuring tools!

Measurement Games (Digital)

Digital Capacity

Now, we have digital tools to support measuring capacity. Students will love being able to practice measuring capacity and you will love how low-maintenance it is!

Capacity Lessons & Activities

Tools for Capacity Tools (Digital)

Capacity Games (Digital)

Digital Weight

Up next, we have my favorite digital tools for measuring weight. Your students will really enjoy using the interactive scales in these activities!

Weight Videos

Weight Lessons & Activities (Digital)

Tools for Weight

Weight Games (Digital)

All About Time

Time has some amazing digital tools, as well! Of course, any practice with interactive clocks and real-life scenarios will benefit students’ understanding of time measurement.

Measuring Time Videos

Time Lessons & Activities (Digital)

Tools for Time (Digital)

Time Games (Digital)

All About Money

Similarly, there are lots of fun and interactive digital tools for money!

Money Videos

Money Lessons & Activities (Digital)

Tools for Money (Digital)

Money Games (Digital)


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All About Graphing

Lastly, we have data and graphing! There are some really great digital tools out there for graphing practice. And, luckily, most of them are completely interactive!

Graphing Videos

Graphing Lessons & Activities (Digital)

Tools for Graphing (Digital)

Graphing Games (Digital)

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this 5-Day Measurement Blog Series! I hope you have found some tips and tools that will help you teach measurement in your elementary classroom!

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