3 Engaging Story Elements Activities

Story elements are one of the first standards to hit when you’re covering Common Core literature standards. When students can correctly identify and describe the character, setting, and events, the other standards truly fall into place. So, I’ve created a YouTube video kicking off my first series in ‘Teaching Tips in 12 Minutes or Less’. This week’s video covers Engaging Story Elements Activities.

In this YouTube video, I have three quick and easy tips for students! They will help engage your students during your lessons in very quick, simple ways.

What we discuss in the Engaging Story Elements Activities video:

  • using Post-it notes while reading passages or books to help track story elements
  • a simple activity to use with just one or two pieces of paper
  • a group activity that helps students break the components of story elements apart

Here are links to the books that I mention in the video. They are Amazon affiliate links!

Like I said above, this is the first weekly YouTube video I’ve done. And I plan to do more. Make sure to subscribe to my channel if you’re interested in getting more teaching tips.

Want more story elements tips? Check out this blog post I wrote that dives deeper.


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