Tips for Virtual Text Features Activities

Blog cover for virtual ideas for text features activities

Whether you’re teaching virtually, or just looking for engaging digital ideas to teach text features, you’re in luck! This blog post highlights a video I just created for teachers. It discusses three quick, easy virtual text feature activities!

This is my second YouTube weekly video! Previously, we discussed ideas for Story Elements. I will link to that below if you’re interested in watching more after you watch the Text Features video!

The 3 Virtual Text Feature Activities tips that we discuss involve…

  • a call and response text feature activity that will work on a Zoom or Meet call
  • an engaging website called Flip Grid that lets the students become teachers
  • a freebie that will allow students to practice their text feature knowledge

Like I said above, this is the second weekly YouTube video I’ve done. Watch the first video here! Furthermore, I’ll be continuing this weekly journey. Do you have any requests? Then, let me know in the comments what topic you’d like to cover!

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