Fancy Tissue Paper Bulletin Board Border

DIY teachers bulletin board

Thanks to my pal Valerie at All Students Can Shine, I was inspired to take down my old traditional bulletin board borders and get a little crafty! This blog post is all about making a tissue paper bulletin board border! It’s an easy DIY craft to make your bulletin boards pop.

Getting the background ready

Start with your fabric or background paper. I used gray chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby.Here are a few suggestions for bulletin board backings.

  • fabric
  • butcher paper
Prepping tissue paper

You’ll need several packs of tissue paper. I chose green and yellow and bought four packs of each. These are from the Dollar Tree, so you can stock up for a very cheap price!

Prepping tissue paper

Grab one sheet of your first color, and pinch together with about 1-2 inches at the top. Repeat with color two. Then bundle the two together.

Stapling tissue to board

Staple it to the bulletin board at the same point where your hand had the tissue paper pinched and bundled.

Closeup of bulletin board

Then staple the bottom. The next tissue paper puff will cover this, so it is okay if it isn’t perfect.

Classroom bulletin board

Repeat with the next tissue paper set on top of where you left off.

Chevron inspired bulletin board

Work your way around the edge of the bulletin board.

Finished project

And done!! I am in love. I’m going to make sure to put very dark, solid-colored lettering on this because the chevron ended up way busier than I thought. But, it’s still pretty.

Angled view of DIY bulletin board decoration

And then, when you mess up….. improvise! I didn’t buy enough tissue paper because my focus wall bulletin board is so long. So I mixed the bulletin board border and my fancy tissue paper border.
I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’ll keep it for now.

Tissue paper bulletin board

Here is a look at the long bulletin board behind my technology center. It almost creates a stage effect, so I think I’ll turn this into my focus wall! Check out more DIY decor ideas in this post!

Spruce up your bulletin board

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