Making Your Own Tissue Paper Puffs & Other DIY Projects

Summer DIY projects
Tissue paper

Making your own tissue paper puffs is so easy. Start with tissue paper from the Dollar Tree. Then sort by color, fold into fans, and use Bobby pins to clamp the stack together. Then pull each individual paper piece back towards the Bobby pin to create the puff.

Puff balls

Sorry, this picture is fuzzy.

Hanging puff ball decor

Then, I attached my owl/chevron table sign. You can find these signs for $1.50 at my store. Click the picture to grab it.

Book bins

Attention all Daily-5 users!!! See what’s at the Dollar Spot at Target! These bins are only $1!I wasn’t crazy about the colors not matching, so I bought some spray paint at the store.

DIY book bins

Here are the results after my spray painting party. The whole day after I did this, I swore I had arthritis. My hand was stuck like I was holding a spray paint can! Painful.

Bins in the classroom

Then, I slapped on my numbers and lined them up. I like them much better now that they are all matching. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Photo frames

I found these frames at the free teacher store here in Cincinnati and decided I could do something with them.

Finished photo frame project

Voila! I’m going to put these on the tops of my teacher’s bookshelves.

Classroom decor project

Finally got this set up with my little owls glued on to my clothespins. I connected each paper with ribbon- which you can’t see from this far away. Also, when I hot glued it to the wall, I only put a strip down the middle. Otherwise, the kids won’t be able to pin their clothespin on. Check out my Owl Behavior Chart here or click the picture. 

I hope ya’ll enjoyed making your own tissue paper puffs plus seeing a few of my creations! Good luck setting up your room, and don’t forget to link up with Monday Made It if you’ve created anything lately.

Need more classroom inspiration and decor ideas?

Classroom decor look-book

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