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If you’re teaching at a school that requires you to teach Common Core standards, you know that it may be a little bit difficult some years to fit all of your reading standards in, plus teach them to mastery. Between both Reading Literature and Reading Informational, you have to teach 17 reading standards in 180 days. This can prove to be very difficult so, here are 3 FREE ways to make tracking your reading standards easy.

Step 1- Start Simple with Color Coding

Highlighting color-coded system for tracking RI and RL standards

Print out all of your ELA standards from the Common Core website. This is where everyone needs to begin. If you’re not too familiar with Common Core yet (if you’ve just adopted the standards), then you’re going to download your grade levels Reading Literature, Reading Informational, Reading Foundational Skills, Language, Speaking & Listening, and Writing standards. Here is a snapshot of what a few of the standards look like for 2nd grade RL.

After you have printed off your standards for each domain, you’re going to start your color-coding system. Read below to learn more ways to ensure you’ve covered all ELA standards.

The color-coding system helps you keep track of all the times you’ve taught a standard. If you teach your standards throughout the year instead of one standard at a time, this will help you keep track of any time you touch on the standard. You will apply a yellow circle the first time you teach the standard, a blue circle the second time, and the pink circle the third time you teach the specific standard. This helps you ensure you’ve given multiple opportunities for the students to practice this standard AND it helps you keep track of what you’ve taught and what you still need to teach. Read on for two more ways to ensure you’ve covered all ELA standards.

Step 2- Use a FREE Checklist for RL and RI Standards

FREE tracking reading standard sheets with checklist of all RL and RI standards

These free tracking sheets list out all your reading standards for RL and RI domains. Each column has a date taught and retaught box for you to track when it’s been covered. If you get to March and April and you notice a few boxes haven’t been taught yet, you know it’s time to squeeze in a unit on these missing standards! If you’ve taught them all, then you can start focusing on reteaching. I created free tracking sheets for grades K-4. Each standard is listed out for you!

Grab your free tracking sheets here:


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Step 3- Plan Out Month-by-Month Tracking Your Reading Standards

A month-by-month outline of when to teach reading standards

This suggestion takes place at the beginning of your school year (or even midway through the year when you’re rearranging standards). Nothing fancy or techy here. I would suggest making these at the beginning of the year for a very informal pacing guide. Write RL and RI domain (or all 6 domains) on a piece of cardstock and plugin which standards you plan to teach in each month. This will help you be more intentional about your lesson plans. Plus, when you highlight each one of their monthly lists, you see what you’ve successfully taught and what still needs to be taught.

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