Holiday-Themed Early Finisher Activities

This blog post describes Christmas-themed activities that can keep your early finishers challenged and engaged. These are perfect for extending skill practice for students, extending critical thinking skills, and keeping students focused.

Early finisher activities are a must for the holiday season. Your class is going to have a variety of things going on, like holiday projects, mid-year progress check-ins, student assessments, programs, and so much more! It would be wise to always have something readily available for students to work on as they finish tasks or have downtime. Check out some of these holiday-themed early finisher activities that will challenge your students, keep them engaged, and practicing critical thinking skills.

No-Prep Early Finisher Activities

I am going to talk about some printable activities from a new set of Christmas-themed early finishers, plus digital activities similar to each.

Symmetry Stories

Symmetry stories, early finisher activity for elementary studies, narrative writing

Symmetry Stories are a fun, open-ended way to encourage narrative writing. Students will finish an illustration using symmetry, then create a narrative story. Because the activity is open-ended, students will be able to work within their ability levels. Feel free to display a mentor text or a bulleted list of expectations for this early finisher activity.

Logic Problems

Logic problem early finisher activities, printable activities for critical thinking, elementary

Logic problems are great for critical thinking skills. Students will solve addition facts for each frame. Then, they will use clues to complete the puzzle. These are both enjoyable and challenging!

Comic Strip Stories

Comic strip stories printable activity for early finishers, elementary writing

Students will fill in the comic strip with their own dialogue, coloring in each illustration. Then, they will create a narrative story to accompany the comic strip. These are fun and functional, and are an excellent activity to practice sensory details and descriptive writing!

Crack-the-Code and Color & Graph

Crack the code and color & graph math activities for early finishers, elementary

These two math-based activities are going to have your students practicing their critical thinking skills. Crack-the-Code Math requires students to use a key to decipher addition and subtraction problems. Then, they will solve for the answers. While, Color & Graph has students interpreting numerical data, coloring and counting pictures, and creating graphs to display the data.

Directed Drawings

Directed drawing printable activity for early finishers, elementary students

I’ve talked about directed drawings before! Students will follow directions, one step at a time, in order to create a final picture. With these directed drawings, they will create a narrative story about the illustration, as well.

Christmas Early Finisher Activities

If you’re interested in the activities found in today’s post, they can all be found in this Christmas Early Finisher Activities set! There are 18 early finisher activities for your students to complete for enrichment and extra critical thinking skills.

Other No-Prep Early Finisher Activities

If you are in search of Early Finisher activities that won’t require a ton of prep, look at these simple print-and-go resources. Activities range from Logic Problems to Funny Fill-Ins. All of these activities are great additions to your day-to-day instruction. They will challenge your students AND keep them engaged.

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