How to Set Up Homework Folders for Students

Homework has always been something that I’ve created at the last minute for the students. In the past, it usually ended up being an activity or reading passage that we didn’t get to finish for the day. But then, I wanted to more intentional about my homework. And I wanted to make sure I gave my kids an opportunity to spiral review their prior standards. Click to read this blog post about spiraling your homework!  So, here we go. Let’s talk about setting up homework folders for elementary students!

Homework Folders for Primary Students

All students will get a homework folder. Homework folders should be the plastic material, which is a little more expensive, but if students are using them throughout the year, these hold up best.

(Affiliate Link: Amazon Folders) I suggest going with the plastic covered ones. They tend to stick around and stay in one piece the longest. I also suggest the three prongs on the inside, so that you can hole punch the homework and attach it to the middle. If you don’t have the three prongs, no worries. You can just slide the homework behind your assignment sheet.

Homework Folders for Primary Students

Start with a three-prong folder. Plastic will work best because it’ll keep a little better than the paper folders.

Homework organization for elementary students.

On the left side of the folder, place the assignment list for the entire week.

Homework Folders for Primary Students
Homework Folders for Primary Students

On the right side of the folder, place the book the child is reading for the week. They have 15 minutes of nightly reading assigned to them, so that’ll be the easiest way to keep up with the book. The picture on the right shows me pointing to the area that parents sign to keep the children accountable for their reading.

How to set up a homework folder with a FREE folder labels.
Homework Folders for Primary Students

Take the Math, Reading, Writing, and Language/Foundations and place them into the three prongs. Front/back is suggested to save paper!

Homework Folders for Primary Students

This is a glimpse at one week of second grade with the assignment sheet (which is on the left of your folder), plus the four sheets of work (which either goes into the prongs or into the right side).

Homework Resources

Click the image to grab this FREEBIE!

How to setup homework folders

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