Classroom Inspiration

Classroom pinspiration

I am moving schools this year to be closer to home. I’m staying in first grade, but moving districts. I can’t get into my classroom for another couple of days. But that is perfectly okay! I have more time to spend on Pinterest. Here’s a bunch of pins for your classroom inspiration!

Pinterest Inspired Plans

These next few pictures are from Pinterest and are of other people’s classrooms. I have identified the picture source! Check out their classrooms, too!

Classroom inspiration and decor- ideas for classroom decoration

 Mrs. A on TPT ($30 hard good)

Ideas for classroom decoration


If you haven’t seen Maria’s classroom, go to her blog right now! I would pay her millions to come to decorate mine!

Puffs and bunting idea for primary school teachers

School Girl Style

An amazing way to use puffs and bunting in the classroom!!

Classroom inspiration and decor- ideas for classroom decoration

Schoolgirl Style

If we can hang things from the ceiling in my new school, I will be all over this!

Ideas for classroom decoration

KinderCraze (again!)

This is a special way to really make kids focus on our rules. And I love the chalkboard look!

Classroom inspiration and decor- ideas for classroom decoration

NO SOURCE on Pinterest. If you know whose pin this is, let me know, and I’ll give them credit!!

I definitely need an exit slip bulletin board. Options: Students can use dry erase markers to write their ‘takeaway’ or they can stick their Post-it note in there for their ‘takeaway.’

Idea for noise level monitoring

All Students Can Shine blog

This is AMAZING! I can’t wait to plug it in my iPad and let them know what their voice levels are!

Ideas for classroom decoration

Live Laugh & Learn blog

Absolutely gorgeous! I did something like this a few years ago, and it did NOT look quite as beautiful.

Last Year’s Room for Classroom Inspiration

Here are a few pictures from my last few classrooms and what I plan to do again definitely!

Decorative tree for reading nook

Definitely doing this tree again!

Teachers area idea

This was my teacher’s area. I had chevron fabric, and tissue paper puffs around the edge.

Decorative bulletin board idea

Here, I created all my bulletin boards with fabric and tissue paper.

I was inspired by my Primary Chalkboard collab blog buddy Valerie from All Students Can Shine.

Daily 5 bulletin board idea

Here is an example of one of my bulletin boards.

Decoration packs examples

I will be using my chalkboard, owl, and chevron pack again!  Can’t wait to get it all hung back up!

Behavior chart idea.

These were my behavior chart and rules from last year. Now that I have found the amazing KinderCraze inspiration, I will be turning my rules and clip chart into a much more beautiful display!

Classroom Inspiration

These can help! Here are a few classroom decor packs that you can to use to start decorating your room!

Look book for teachers

Freebie Look Book

Here is a FREE look book to see all the classroom decor I have!

Apple-themed classroom decor bundle
Pirate-themed classroom decor bundle

Apple Classroom Decor

Pirate Classroom Decor

Nautical-themed classroom decor bundle
Owl-themed classroom decor bundle

Nautical Classroom Decor

Owl Classroom Decor

Wild animal classroom decor bundle
Super hero classroom decor bundle

Wild Animal Classroom Decor

Superhero Classroom Decor

Chalkboard classroom decor bundle
Owl and chalk classroom decor bundle

Chalkboard Classroom Decor

Owls and Chalkboard Classroom Decor

Ocean-themed classroom decor bundle
Monster-themed classroom decor bundle

Ocean Classroom Decor

Monster Classroom Decor

Polka dot classroom decor bundle
Monkeys classroom decor bundle

Polka Dot Classroom Decor

Monkey Classroom Decor

Bright colors classroom decor bundle
Birds-themed classroom decor bundle

Bright Colors Classroom Decor

Bird Classroom Decor

For more inspiration, check out this post on Transforming your Classroom!


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