Classroom Reading Corner Decor

DIY lettering for the classroom

I wanted to fancy up my reading corner this year. I’m going to add a tissue paper tree (more on that later,) and I made some letters for the wall! Once I can get back into my classroom, I’ll show you the letters along with the tree. I can’t wait!

'READ' sign for classroom- DIY classroom decor

Classroom Reading Corner Decor Materials

Scrapbook paper

Mod Podge (affiliate Amazon link)

Exacto knife (affiliate Amazon link)

Puffy paint (affiliate Amazon link)

Wooden letters

'READ' sign for classroom- DIY classroom decor

The letters I bought from Hobby Lobby were extremely large, and even a 12×12 scrapbook paper was too small for it, so I had to use two papers per letter.

Classroom Reading Corner Decor
Classroom Reading Corner Decor

Step 1. Spread the Mod Podge around the entire length of the letter. I used a paintbrush to cover all the edges. My puzzle glue came with the scrapper to get out all the extra glue. You could use a board book or a binder, too. Basically, anything with a crisp edge will work.

Classroom Reading Corner Decor

Step 2. It’s time to cut! Please make sure you let your letters dry. I didn’t wait and I snagged the edges big time. If you let them dry, the paper is crisper and makes gliding the knife along the edge of the letters much easier.

'READ' sign for classroom- DIY classroom decor

Classroom Reading Corner Decor – The Results

Here are pictures of them, finally all cut out. Although it’s not perfect super close up, for my first time cutting out wooden letters, it looks so cute.

Classroom Reading Corner Decor

I wanted my letters to stand out a bit, so I went around the edges with puffy paint.

'READ' sign for classroom- DIY classroom decor

Give them lots of time to dry. I learned the hard way that even if you think they’re mostly dry, they’re really not.

Classroom Reading Corner Decor

NOOOOOO! SEE what happened! My 31 bag that was filled with binders shifted while I was cleaning up around my crafting area. It fell right on the R. Now, my R is smudged. Hopefully, once it’s off in the corner of my reading nook, that smudge won’t be too noticeable.

'READ' sign for classroom- DIY classroom decor

I can’t wait to hang these on the wall in my classroom. It’s a pretty easy and inexpensive classroom reading corner decor idea.

For more classroom decor inspiration, check out this post on decorating and organizing.

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