L.3.1.h Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions



This resource is a unit to teach the standard L.3.1.h Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions unit, which is all about using conjunctions in a sentence (both coordinating and subordinating)! It comes with a week-long lesson plan unit, plus many supplemental resources, such as centers, printables, and interactive notebook pieces to work into their centers, homework, morning work, or other parts of the day.

*This resource now has a digital component. The worksheets and assessments exist in Google Slides. You can get access to the digital versions on page 5 of the PDF. (The lesson plans and centers are not digitally converted at this time.)*

Included is:
-Week-long Lesson Plan (with activities)
-7 Printables
-3 Centers
-5 Interactive Notebook Activities

Standard Covered:
L.3.1.h- Use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

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This L.3.1.h Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions Unit purchase is for one single classroom only.
If you want to share with other classrooms, make sure to buy the extra licenses. Please contact me for a site license quote at [email protected].