Open House Forms and First Week Activities



This set of Open House Forms and Activities will help your first week of school be a breeze. There are open house forms for you that will help collect student and parent information. There are also many activities for students to complete throughout the first week of school, such as all about me forms, memory worksheets, goal setting pages, and more!

*This resource now comes with digital access to Google Slides for distance learning. Both of these sets of forms and back to school activities come with a digital format option! On page 3 of the PDF, there will be links to the online options!

Open House Forms and First Week Activities:

6 Open House Forms:

  • Parent Information
  • All About Your Child
  • Parent Volunteer Forms
  • Curriculum Night Invitation
  • Guess Who Display
  • Letters To Parents and From Parents

13 Student Printables

  • All About Me Display
  • First Day Thoughts
  • First Day Self Portrait
  • Summer Events
  • Goals
  • Find Someone Who
  • Find Someone Who- Name Edition
  • Names in ABC Order
  • My Teacher
  • Bucket Filling
  • Find the Fiction
  • Venn Diagram
  • Classroom Scavenger Hunt

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