Back to School Activities Memory Book



Capture memories from back to school, as well as outline and introduce rules and procedures for the classroom in the Back to School Memory Book. This beginning of the year memory book comes with three options that you will pick and choose from for your classroom. Throughout the course of the first week of school, you’ll do a few pages here and there until their back to school memory book is completed.

*This resource now comes with digital access to Google Slides for distance learning. On page 4 of the PDF, there will be a link to the online option!

Options to choose from:

  • Traditional printable pages
  • Interactive cut-and-glue pages
  • Digital Google Slides

Back to School Memory Book Includes

  • Cover Page
  • Self Portrait
  • Class Rules
  • Bucket Filler
  • Proud Moments
  • Expectations 1
  • Expectations 2
  • Subjects
  • My Teacher
  • New Pals
  • Can, Have, Are
  • Goals
  • Summer Break
  • List of Classmates
  • Thoughts on First Week
  • Class Rules
  • Classroom Outline

Materials needed for interactive option:
-Computer paper, notebook paper, or construction paper
-Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

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