Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passages



Are you looking for nonfiction reading comprehension passages and questions to add to your collection? These nonfiction reading passages are perfect for students to practice their fluency and comprehension skills. There are 30 passages to help students practice.
In this Reading Comprehension Passages set, you will find:
  • Nonfiction versus Fiction introduction
  • Nonfiction Text Features introduction
  • Generic Nonfiction Graphic Organizers
  • 30 Nonfiction Reading Passages with writing response sheets.
  • Links to Google Form conversions for each passage
Suggested Age ranges:
First grade- likely will need whole group and discussion
Second grade- whole group and independent
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This purchase is for one single classroom only.
If you’re interested in sharing with other classrooms, make sure to buy the extra licenses for a discount through the TeachersPayTeachers tool. If you are interested in a site license, please contact me for a quote at [email protected].