Reading Response Journals- Interactive Notebook Version

Reading response journals

I began making reading response journals flip pages for my class’s small group Guided Reading time. I decided I should go ahead and make it into a product. Check out the close-up of the product in action below AND grab a freebie at the bottom.

Here are the Steps for these Interactive Reading Response Journals

1. Cut out pieces.

Many kiddos will try to cut off the top rectangle of their flipper pieces, but ask them to keep that attached. My kiddos used a lot of tape in the first week of making these…

Reading response journals

2. Glue into the reading response journals.

We use three-ring binders as our Learning Logs. They only glue the top rectangle that doesn’t have writing on it (unless it says “Chapter ___ for the chapter book pieces). Those empty rectangles are there to show where to glue pieces in.

3. Once all the pieces are glued in, the student can fill out the reading response journal!

Included in my pack, you will find pages for everyday children’s books, sight word readers, and chapter books.

Here are some examples of our Guided Reading program….

Reading response journals

[For my kiddos ready for chapter books]

The Principal from the Black Lagoon book

[For my kiddos reading picture books]

Reading response journals

[And my darlings reading sight word readers]

Thanks for checking out my post. If you love this interactive notebook, check out this post on Sight Word Interactive Notebooks.


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