Teaching Life Cycles in Spring Time

Today, we are going to review a few creative ideas for teaching life cycles for the spring. These life cycles may include butterflies, frogs, chickens, etc. Below, you will find anchor charts, books, learning resources, videos, and crafts to help your teaching life cycles unit! I hope you find a few ideas to use in your classroom.

Anchor Chart Ideas for Teaching Life Cycles:

I always start a new science topic with KWL charts. The first reason is that having the students fill out the K and W columns before we meet as a whole group, results in a lot more independent thought. Then, we come together and add all of our Ks and Ws on a class chart! The individual KWL Chart is part of my Life Cycles pack.

(Anchor Chart inspired by: What I Have Learned)

I love this more advanced life cycles anchor chart from Jessica at What I Have Learned. It gives great vocabulary and an introduction to the science topic.

Teaching Life Cycles Video Ideas:

I always love to introduce science topics with videos and songs. It reaches some of your learners in a different way than reading!

 Brain Pop Jr. has two videos:  one for butterflies and one for frogs. Both are great for introducing the frog and butterfly life cycles.

And here is a frog life cycle video from the great Harry Kindergarten Music!

Life Cycle Book Ideas

I love nonfiction reading in the primary classroom! Kiddos love the photographs. These texts are all simple enough for the students to be able to read on their own in reading groups or independent reading. Below, I have listed a link for each of the books using affiliate links from Amazon.

Check out these fabulous reads!

Need Resources for Teaching Life Cycles?

I have two life cycles resources on TPT:  one is a no-prep supplemental resource unit for you and the other is a flip book that quickly reviews spring life cycles.

In the supplemental no-prep unit, you’re getting worksheets and passages to enhance your instruction. It comes with passages, printables, mini books, cut and paste, and more for frogs, butterflies, and chickens. Here are a few images of what you’ll get in the pack.

The life cycle flip book is used for more of a review or quick teaching! There are passages and follow-up activities.

Art and Craft Ideas:

I love these crafts for chicken, frog, and butterfly life cycles!

Suggested Spring Life Cycle Materials For You

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas for teaching Life Cycles! I have three resources available for you to teach Spring life cycles. One is a no-prep unit that covers frogs, hens, and butterflies. I also have a flip book that teaches all about spring life cycles and a set of Lesson Slides and Scripts to take all of the work out of your lesson planning!

I also have two other resources that are great for your Plants unit! Grab one of these to make your planning and prep so much simpler. Here is a flip book where students can read and write about the plants while creating a fun craft and a set of presentation slides and scripts to teach about plants without having to make your own! Click the buttons below to get a closer look:

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