Christmas Around the World and a FREEBIE

Christmas Around the World Unit

Teaching this unit last year was one of my favorite things to do.  It was the first time I had taught Christmas Around the World and it went great! I’ve added a few updates to my packet! I added some new fonts, new borders, new images, and I made it more my style… how it has changed in a year’s time. I wanted to take this blog post to show you an in-depth look at the unit for Christmas Around the World and a freebie…

Passports for holiday journey around the world for teaching students.

Here, I added some brand new passport pages! This is a fun way to track each of the countries that students have learned about. Check out this sample for all the “stops” students will be making. The writing activity will help students comprehend and remember what they’ve learned about in each country.

Christmas Around the World mini books

Each country comes with a mini book. I’ve updated the fonts on these mini books so that it is easier to read for the students. They are cut-apart books. First, students will cut apart the four pages of their book. Then, they will staple it together in the corner. Finally, they will have a mini book for each country.

Closeup of flip books made for teaching the primary classroom

After students read about each country, they’ll complete a flip book. This will help students gather information about the holiday, how it is celebrated, and other unique information about Christmas in that country.

Christmas Around the World information fill-ins activity for children
Christmas Around the World fact writing for kids.
Christmas Around the World- diversity activities with a FREEBIE included
No-prep information sheets for teachers.

(Link: Christmas Around the World Full Unit)

Christmas Around the World FREEBIE

I pulled the Christmas in America set out of the Christmas Around the World unit for you to sample. Download that at my store with the link below.

(Link: Freebie)

Christmas Around the World FREE SAMPLE- America

Students will get a mini book, a writing fact paper, and a fill-in fact page.

Teacher will get a colored picture map and an information card to read facts to the students. Students will also get a flip book.

And for New Year’s ideas, check out my post on New Year’s Ideas for the Classroom.


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