Transforming Your Classroom

Classroom decor look-book

Summer is the time when we get to browse Pinterest and look for fun ideas to transform our classroom. You don’t have to spend thousands to make it look cute either. There are lots of DIY projects and decor packs to buy on TPT that will aid in transforming your classroom!

Are you thinking about a theme, such as pirates, owls, superheroes, or wild animals?

Or, maybe you just want a color scheme, such as rainbow, chalkboard, or polka dots.

Either way…  I have a wide variety of classroom decor packs. I created a ‘look-book’ for you to shop through in case you were thinking about transforming your classroom theme.

Free Look-Book for Transforming Your Classroom

Download the free look book here!

Here are a few brand new packs…

Nautical decorating bundle
Superhero decorating bundle

Nautical and Superhero-Themed Classroom

(Shop here for Nautical Classroom Decor)
(Shop here for Superhero Classroom Decor)

Ocean decorating bundle
Bright colors decorating bundle

Bright Colors and Ocean-Themed Classroom

(Shop here for Bright Colors Classroom Decor)
(Shop here for Ocean Classroom Decor)

Polka dot decorating bundle

Polka Dot-Themed Classroom

(Shop here for Polka Dot Classroom Decor)

Here are a few older decor packs for transforming your classroom, but they are completely updated and now editable!

Owls classroom decor
Apples classroom decor

Owls and Apples-Themed Classroom

(Shop here for Owls Classroom Decor)
(Shop here for Apples Classroom Decor)

Wild animal classroom decor
Pirates classroom decor

Wild Animals and Pirate-Themed Classroom

(Shop here for Wild Animals Classroom Decor)
(Shop here for Pirates Classroom Decor)

Chalkboard classroom decor
Owls & chalk classroom decor

Chalkboard or Owls and Chalk Classroom

(Shop here for Chalkboard Classroom Decor)
(Shop here for Owls and Chalk Classroom Decor)

Monster classroom decor
Monkeys classroom decor

Monster or Monkeys-Themed Classroom

(Shop here for Monster Classroom Decor)
(Shop here for Monkey Classroom Decor)

Birds classroom decor

Birds-Themed Classroom

(Shop here for Birds Classroom Decor)

Transforming Your Classroom is easy with ready-made themes

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Classroom decor look-book

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