Go-To Blogs for Reading Literature Standards

Reading Literature is a domain of standards. This domain can be found in the Common Core Standards. They cover all things fiction. First, students begin by learning to ask and answer questions. Then, they moving to harder topics such as comparing and contrasting. This collection of go-to blogs for Reading Literature standards can be your go-to lesson planning tool. It’s a one-stop spot for teachers looking to understand deeper and find inspiration for new lessons! First, browse all the titles that are included below. Then, click each blog one by one to learn more.

Browse through to find the topics you’re looking for!

Teaching students how to ask and answer questions.

Teaching Students How to Ask and Answer Questions Link

Retelling teaching ideas

Retelling & Recounting Stories Link

Story Elements Study:

Below, you will find 4 story elements blog posts. The first introduces the standard. Then, the next 3 dive deeper into characters, settings, and events.

Story elements teaching ideas.

Introducing Story Elements Link

Character Focus: Story Elements- Link

Settings Focus: Story Elements- Link

Story Elements Blog Post Header

Events Focus: Story Elements- Link

Other RL Standards:

Teaching story structure in fiction texts.

Teaching Story Structure Link

Standards based poetry

Using Poems and Text to Convey Meaning Link

Theme activities and ideas

Theme Activities and Ideas Link

Blog post about comparing and contrasting fiction texts. -RI.K.9, RI.1.9, RI.2.9, RI.3.9, RI.4.9

Compare and Contrast Fiction Texts Link

Perfect Mentor Texts for Reading Literature Standards

One of my more popular blog posts is my mentor text suggestions! This blog post outlines all the RL standards. Then, it gives book suggestions and links for books I think would be great for your classroom.

Literature Standards Mentor Text Suggestions

Thanks For Reading Go-To Blogs for Reading Literature Standards…

I hope these blog posts help you understand the domain a bit deeper. Bookmark this collection of go-to blogs. That way, you can easily refer back to it when lesson planning!

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