Daily 5: Read to Someone

Daily 5: Read to Someone

I introduced Read to Someone a few days after the kids got the hang of their book bins and working quietly within their stamina range. Read to Someone is the next Daily 5 component that we are going to study today. Read to Someone is a class favorite. The students love it because they get to read with a buddy. I love it because I know some students are getting extra help from friends, while others are using that time like a mentoring experience.

There are few parts to Read to Someone that you have to train before you launch it. You have to teach the students exactly how to behave in each group. First, students think about their responsibility to pick a partner and a spot in the classroom. If they know a spot or a friend is going to get them into trouble, they need to choose a different option responsibly.

They’re also trained on EEKK, or elbow to elbow, knee to knee. This is the proper way for students to sit during Read to Someone (unlike the picture I used above)… Don’t mind that. Students are also trained on how to check for understanding and ask if their partner needs help or extra time.

The Strategies for Read to Someone are found in the Daily 5 Book.

The Daily 5 book

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Read to Someone in Action

Then, we began, and the kids loved it! We are three weeks into it, and I don’t have ANY behavior problems during Read to Someone. I know I’ve likely just jinxed myself, but so far, so GREAT!

They all look very engaged, and it continues like this for a while! We are still all actively interested in Daily 5’s Read to Someone, which surprises me, I was expecting behavior issues and boredom.

Also, check out the results of my math component here.

Daily 5- Read to Someone- introducing the first few weeks of school

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