Setting Up Your Apple Themed Classroom

Setting up an apple classroom.

Apples are one of the traditional and classic ways to decorate the classroom. Apples have always been synonymous with teachers, so many teachers like to take that symbol of teaching and turn their classroom into all-things-apple! Making an apple classroom can be easier than other themes, since the color schemes are rather popular, and there are many decor pieces with apples on them. The ideas in this post will make setting up your apple themed classroom so easy! While shopping, keep an eye out for these items…

  • any organizer that is red, yellow, or green
  • apple images
  • wooden buckets


An apple themed classroom apple tree idea.

Fantastic Apple Tree

(Source Unknown: This link is broken on Pinterest, so if you know the original poster, please let me know!)

I love this huge apple tree in the classroom. Although I can’t find the original blogger who created this beautiful tree, it’s such a creative way to use apple cutouts and butcher paper in the classroom. The apple tree motif would be a perfect centerpiece for the classroom or the reading nook!

Apple themed chalkboard.

Apple Bulletin Board

(Link: Teaching Times 2)

The apple theme on this bulletin board is a classic to start up the school year. This pin links to a free item on TPT that provides you with a step-by-step on the bulletin board with freebie letter cutouts, too. The apple on the chalkboard is a familiar concept that won’t overwhelm students and will help them feel welcome on the first day of school.

An apple themed classroom lantern idea.

Hanging Lantern “Apples”

(Link: Inspired in Style)

Here’s an idea from Creative Teaching Press. They found lanterns in apple colors and tied the black string bows to hang from the ceiling. These are the teacher’s table labels, which you will attach to your cluster of desks or tables for classroom management.

An apple themed classroom decor bundle.

Easy Apple-Themed Bundle

(Link: TPT Class Decor Set)

Here is a link to my classroom decor bundle. Within this bundle, there are over 20 apple-themed pieces to use in the classroom. These range from journal labels, rules, name tags, check-in chart, bucket filling bulletin board set, book bin labels, and more! They’re all red and green colors, plus feature cute apple graphics on each item. Premade bundles make setting up your apple themed classroom so much quicker!

Faux curtains made from wrapping paper and border hung on a tension rod.

DIY Apple-themed Curtains

(Link: SchoolGirl Style)

I love this easy design idea from SchoolGirl Style. She suggests getting a bulletin board border, wrapping paper (or another type of cheap paper), and a tension rod to hang fake curtains. These are much cheaper than getting custom apple curtains for the classroom and go a long way towards setting up your apple themed classroom.

 An apple themed classroom puffball idea.

Apple Puffball

(Link: Schoolgirl Style)

SchoolGirl Style has the cutest ideas on her blog! This example is an alternative to the apple puffball that I link later on in the blog post. She simply got a red puffball and put an apple leaf and stem on it to make it look like an apple. These are her table labels to identify desks or tables for classroom management.

An apple themed classroom treat stash idea.

Apple Treat Pot

(Link: Inspiration Made Simple)

This idea would definitely be a teacher-desk-only item since the terra cotta pot could shatter. One of my favorite things I’d put in my teacher-only pots was candy! This apple pot is a cute storage idea for little Hershey’s Kisses or any other small candy. Use treats as behavior incentives or class rewards.

Apple Organization & Decor

The next 4 Amazon links are affiliate links that will help me keep my blog running. Thank you! They are all suggestions I have for you to purchase from Amazon to use in setting up your apple themed classroom.

An apple themed classroom bins.

Red Apple-themed Bins

(Link: Amazon)

These square tubs are perfect for classrooms. They are ideal for storing teaching tools, school supplies, books in the classroom library, or other random collections of classroom items. Use them in square organizer shelves, or simply placed on top of a shelf or table. The link above is for the red set, and the link below is for the green set.

An apple themed classroom bins.

Green Apple-themed Bins

(Link: Amazon)

Apple puffball.

Premade Apple Puffball

(Link: Amazon)

These apple puffballs are perfect for hanging from the ceiling. I always like to hang puff balls over each cluster of tables, then attach a table label to it so that you can easily call out table numbers for classroom management. These are also cute enough to use as decor throughout the classroom!

Applesticks for the classroom.

Cute Apple Sticks

(Link: Amazon)

I could not teach without these. They are the perfect classroom management tool. If you write the students’ names on each of the apple sticks, you can use them to call on students for answers, partner students up, put them into groups, or pick a student for a special task.

Apple book tub labels.
An apple themed classroom book bins.

Apple Library Labels

(Link to baskets: Amazon) (Link to Book Bin Labels: TPT Bundle Set)

One of my favorite things to see in any classroom is a labeled library. If you have the time to get your books organized by theme, use red or green baskets with these book bin labels to make setting up your apple themed classroom a breeze! The Amazon link provides you with three baskets for books, which I’d assume would fit about 8 picture books or chapter books. So you’d just need to stock up on a few for your library!

Decor Bundle Resources

An apple themed classroom decor bundle.

All Things Apple Decor Set

(Link: Apple Classroom Decor Set)

All the decor items in this pack are to be used to decorate your classroom in an apple-themed room! Each piece is red or green with apples to match. Over half of the pieces in this bundle are editable. The pieces that require personalization, such as name tags and labels are editable. These pieces come with non-editable PDF that you can simply write on with a Sharpie OR an editable PowerPoint that you can type your personal names, rules, etc. into.

Decor Pieces Included: 
ABC Line, Behavior Chart (Editable), Binder Covers- Monthly, Binder Covers- Other, Binder Covers (Editable), Birthday Chart (Editable), Book Bin Labels (Editable), Bucket Fillers (Editable), Bunting (Editable), Calendar Set, Check-in Chart (Editable), Clock Numbers, Hall Passes (Editable), Job Chart (Editable), Labels (Editable), Name tags (Editable), Number Signs, Rules (Editable), Shapes Posters, Table Signs (Editable), Where are We? (Editable), and Word Wall Letters

I hope I’ve provided you with lots of easy ideas on setting up your apple themed classroom in style!

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Ideas for setting up an apple themed classroom.

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