Using Technology to Make Learning More Engaging

Dive into the Interactive Class PD book and learn how to use technology to increase engagement and learning. This book dives into how to correctly use technology that will integrate learning and technology together! This helps engagement for your students.

These past couple of years have made us face technology head-on. We had to rely more heavily on technology than we ever had in the past. So, we might as well take what we learned and move forward with this tech-focused learning. Today, I will talk about how The InterACTIVE Class, by Joe and Kristin Merrill shows us how to use technology to make learning more engaging.

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In my Facebook group, The Nest for Elementary School Teachers, we did a Summer Teaching Book Study on The InterACTIVE Class! Since this has now ended, I wanted to still give you an opportunity to join in… Just click the below to download the free Discussion Guide.

The Interactive Class by Joe and Kristin Merrill, book about making learning more interactive with use of technology.

The InterACTIVE Class starts by helping us understand the type of environment and teaching style that will help us succeed. Then, the book goes into detail about specific Apps and lesson ideas for including technology in our interactive classrooms. Let’s dive into a few of the big overarching ideas of the book!

1- Understanding Interactive

First, the Merrill’s start by helping us understand what an interactive class really looks like. With a focus on creating a “Responsive Thinking Environment,” there is a study of rigor and response. The idea is that without rigor, students are performing in a reactive state, as opposed to a responsive state.

A responsive thinking environment can be created in a variety of ways. Rigor doesn’t just mean difficulty. It means that students are a part of the thinking: responding, interacting. Student choice is going to be a major player in this.

2- The Interactive Method

I love the thought of “Grit and Growth” that is the focus of this method. We talk a lot about learning gained in the process of struggle and persistence.

Additionally, your classroom environment will have an impact on student response. There will need to be flexibility in your learning process. Environments don’t just need to be colorful, but they need to be engaging and authentic, as well.

3- The Interactive Class

Finally, creating an interactive class will empower your students. They will feel a personal and positive connection to the learning process. This will teach them to be proactive and aim for success.

Once we have an understanding of what an interactive class looks like, we can begin using technology to make learning more engaging.

4- Apps & Lessons

If you are looking for excellent apps and activities to use in your interactive classroom, the last section of the book is FULL of them. Take a closer look at apps like FlipGrid, Seesaw, Buncee and Texting Story. Each app is accomponied with lesson and activity ideas, ready to use in your classroom!

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