May Resource Roundup and Freebies for K-3

May resources roundup for the elementary classroom.

I have done many roundups in 2017 and updated them over the years. However, for some reason, I never added a May or an End of the Year roundup, so it’s time to add one in. I am collecting resources that I think you guys will enjoy for May. The End of the Year resource round-up with freebies will come out next week!

ELA resources.
Teacher Appreciation Paired Passages Paired Texts for nonfiction and fiction reading comprehension.
May Small Group Activities to help students practice early literacy.

Paired and Small Group Activities

(Link: May Paired Passages)

Reading comprehension is a significant skill necessary for success in elementary schools. This product comes with five May themed paired sets, which is ten passages. Each set comes with a nonfiction story and a fiction story, plus questions and comprehension work for both. Two sheets work on comparing the fiction and nonfiction stories. This packet is for May themes, which are Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Flowers, and Cinco de Mayo.

(Link: May Small Group)

May Resource Roundup and Freebies for K-3

My small group, early literacy activity pack, brings you 12 different activities to help struggling students. The 12 activities range from syllables to creating simple comprehension. These May activities are best to use in a small group with students to practice their early literacy skills.

Spring life cycles science unit.
Space science unit covers primary science activities for kids that deals with space, planets, solar system, and other science resources.

Spring and Space Themed Activities

(Link: Spring Life Cycle No-Prep Packet)

Spring life cycles are a popular science topic to teach in May because of the new life sprouting! These science resources cover the chicken life cycle, butterfly life cycle, and frog life cycle. These are great topics to teach during the month of May. They are no-prep resources to use during your life cycles unit.

(Link: Space No-Prep Packet)

Space Day is on May 3rd, which is an ideal time to teach your space and solar system unit! This no-prep resource unit covers the planets, astronauts, and other space-related concepts.

May Resource Roundup and Freebies for K-3

May worksheets to help students practice their reading skills and math skills, while learning about May themes.
Interactive Notebooks for students to get hands-on practice with ELA skills and math skills.

Worksheets and Interactive Activities

(Link: May Math & ELA Worksheets)

In the May Printables pack, you’ll find 40 May worksheets for quick and easy teaching. These 40 learning sheets revolve around May themes (insects, bugs, flowers, and Mother’s Day).

(Link: May Interactive Notebook)

An Interactive May’ is a way to make your month more engaging and exciting! There are ELA and Math interactive activities. You’ll need spiral-bound notebooks, composition notebooks, or a 3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper.

Flip Book fun.

Each of these flipbooks comes with a short passage on the ‘Let’s Read’ page, then follow-up comprehension activity pages. The Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are a bit different from my usual flipbook format because they focus more on being gifts for your students’ moms and dads. The other flipbooks are fantastic because they help practice comprehension skills and writing. May 3rd is Space Day, so don’t forget to use your space flipbook during the month of May! All of my science flipbooks come with an extra page, which covers listing, a vital part of their fact writing skills.

And last but not least is Memorial Day. It’s is at the end of the month. I know that’s a busy time of the year, but it’s still very necessary to remember the importance of that holiday. Check out the flipbooks below!

Mother's Day activ reading activity with follow-up Mother's Day comprehension and writing activities.
Father's Day reading activity with follow-up Father's Day comprehension and writing activities.

Parent Appreciation Flipbooks

(Link: Mother’s Day Flip Book)

(Link: Father’s Day Flip Book)

I know this is a month early, but a lot of teachers don’t teach in June, so don’t forget about your dads!

Spring life cycles flip book that teaches students about chicken, butterfly, and frog life cycles that occur in the spring.
A reading flip book that teachers students about space and solar system while practicing their reading comprehension.

Life Cycles and Space-Themed Activities

(Link: Space Flip Book) Happy Space Day on May 3rd! 

(Link: Spring Life Cycles Flip Book)

Memorial Day nonfiction flip book for reading and comprehension activities.

(Resource link: Memorial Day Flip Book)

Free resources.
FREE Cinco de Mayo activity for kids with a nonfiction reading passage about Cinco de Mayo, plus reading comprehension activities.

Cinco de Mayo Freebie!

(Link: Cinco de Mayo Flip Book)

This free product helps teach students about Cinco de Mayo. The passage gives facts and information about when it is celebrated, why it is celebrated, and who celebrates it. There are follow up comprehension activities for the passage, plus a boy and girl book topper!

I hope the May resource roundup and freebies for K-3 guide will help you make it to the finish line this year. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for year-round inspiration!

May Resource Roundup and Freebies for K-3

May Resource Roundup and Freebies for K-3 lesson plans and activities.

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