Primary October Resources and a FREEBIE

October resource roundup

I’d love to show you guys what I think is perfect to use in the primary classroom during the month of October. Many of the resources are activities that my students loved and many are brand new activities that I can’t wait to test out! I also include a freebie for my blog readers, too! Here are primary October resources!

Primary Reading and Writing Halloween Activities:

Halloween Stories: You will get five different Halloween stories that I have created. Each ghost story contains two different graphic organizers to help students work on their story elements and comprehension. The Halloween themed stories cover many topics. These topics include schema, retelling, character details and descriptions, cause and effect, and problem and solution. Also, dialogue, character comparison, beginning, middle, and end.

October Notebooking: ‘An Interactive October’ is a way to make your month more engaging, hands-on, and exciting! Here, there are ELA and Math interactive activities that the students will cut, glue, and color. These interactive notebook activities will be used in a notebook. Therefore, you’ll need spiral-bound notebooks, composition notebooks, or a 3-ring binder in addition to loose-leaf paper.

October Paired Passages: This product comes with five paired sets, which are ten passages. Each set comes with a nonfiction story and a fiction story. Plus, questions and comprehension work for both. There are also two sheets that work on comparing fiction and nonfiction stories. This packet is for October themes covering topics from scarecrows to Trick-or-Treating.

October Writing Journals: These 25 writing journal prompts are to be cut and glued to the top of a student’s writing journal. Specifically, they are made for first, second, or third grade. However, they can be used in Kindergarten with illustrations. In addition, each prompt also comes with 30 strips for a class of 30 kids.

Early Learners Activities:

October Small Group: An early literacy activity pack brings you 12 different small group activities to help struggling students. The 12 intervention activities range from syllables to creating simple sentences. Some of the topics the pumpkin activities cover are rhyming words, beginning sounds, syllables. Also, other early literacy skills.

Halloween Color Me Spooky: In this pack, there are ten coloring sheets where students will color by number or color by sight word. Sight words and numbers are K/1 level. Enjoy this holiday pack during morning work, or small group, or fill-in time during the crazy month of October!

Differentiated Reading Options:

October Mini Readers: These fall leveled readers come with three levels of reading for kindergarten, first, or second grade readers. Each leveled reader has questions for that book that are also leveled. Here’s a look at the different reading levels. (1: One simple sentence per page. 2: One/two sentences with words that may be a bit more difficult to decode. 3: Two or more sentences per page with more complex sentence structure and more difficult words.)

Fall Differentiated Reading Passages: There are ten fall topics in this fall passages pack. The ten fall topics are fall season, football, scarecrows, apples, leaves, community helpers, fire safety, pumpkins, bats, and also turkeys! Each fall topic has nonfiction and fiction passages. There are also three levels for each topic, too. These are, beginning, growing, and advanced readers.

Halloween Activities: There are five ELA activities in this Halloween unit. These include the following: Spooky Pictures (answering questions about a picture displayed.)

And also, What’s in ‘Happy Halloween’? (Making Words). In addition, you also have Candy Corn Compound Words Creative Cat (writing prompts) and, Roll a Sentence (create sentence after given character and setting). 

Fall Nonfiction Activities: This features a collection of KWL charts, passages, writing activities, and other informational activities. This fall unit comes with all things E.L.A. Namely, reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing. Also, it includes three different themes to use: pumpkins, fall, and apples.

Primary October Resources for Math:

October On the Go: An “on-the-go” set is a collection of ELA and math worksheets to make your life easier! In this packet, you’ll find 50 printables for quick and easy teaching for first grade. These 50 practice sheets revolve around October themes (Halloween and Fall) while practicing ELA and literacy skills for first graders. 

Halloween Math Activities: There are five math activities in this Halloween activities pack. These include Jack-o-Lantern Notation (I Have, Who Has) Witchy Pie Graphs (creating graphs) and, Webs of Money (counting coin sets). Also, you have Mysterious Adding (spinning numbers and adding) and Ghostly Differences (subtraction problems).

Primary October Resources for Language:

Halloween Noun and Verbs: Within my nouns and verbs unit for fall, you’re offered lots of activities that help kiddos practice their nouns and verbs. Here are a few of the activities included: mini-posters, sentence practice, sorting activities, quizzes, and more. 

Fall Adjectives: These adjectives activities offer you a mini-unit on teaching adjectives based around the fall season. Included are the following: adjective maps, adjective matching, finding adjectives in reading, crafty activities, creating sentences. And finally, describing sentences with adjectives.

Fact and opinion activities for teaching children.

Scarecrow Fact and Opinion: In these six games, children find out different information about scarecrows and will be asked to determine whether this information is true or false. There are plenty of activities where students cut/glue, sort, write and read all about scarecrow facts and opinions.

Primary October Resource for Science:

 Pumpkin and Apple Life Cycles Pack: Your kiddos will learn all about the pumpkin life cycle and apple life cycle within this unit. This Fall Life Cycles Activities Pack is for on-the-go teachers. There are passages, cut and paste pages, labeling pages, writing pages, vocabulary pages, and Fold and Go readers.

Fall Life Cycles Flip Book: This Fall Life Cycles activity includes a mini flip book plus a craft topper for decorations. This is perfect for quick introduction, quick review, or just interactive learning all about pumpkin and apple life cycles. All while having interactive fun and creating a great wall display for the kids and school to see.

October Flip Books:

Most of my reading flip books follow a specific outline, therefore, I’m going to describe them here instead of under each image below! It would be a lot of repetition if I did that since they all follow a similar structure. There is a “Let’s Read” page that introduces the October topic with a mini reading passage. Then, there is a “Let’s Answer” page that gives the students reading comprehension questions from the Let’s Read page. Third, there is a “Let’s Sort” page, where students are either sorting true/false or fact/opinion activities. And finally, there is a “Let’s Write” page. Students are asked to write and illustrate what they’ve learned about each topic.

Freebies for you!

A FREE set of fall reading passages for ELA small group routine in October.

You will get three levels of “Fall is Here”. This is a fictional story in my Fall Differentiated Passages pack.

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A FREE set of pumpkin life cycle worksheets - October primary resources.

In this freebie you will get two sample pages from my Life Cycles pack.

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