Kindergarten Reading Foundational Skills Bundle

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Kindergarten Reading Foundational Skills Bundle teaches basic skills to help solidify students’ knowledge and understanding of print, letters, and letter sounds. There are 14 units within this bundle. These units cover skills that will help with students phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, word recognition, and fluency skills.

Each set comes with…
-lesson plans
-graphic organizers
-informal assessment

What is currently included in this Kindergarten Reading Foundational Skills Bundle?
RF.K.1.a- Tracking Words
RF.K.1.b- Recognizing Words in Print
RF.K.1.c- Spaces Between Words
RF.K.1.d- Letter Recognition
RF.K.2.a- Rhyming Words
RF.K.2.b- Syllables
RF.K.2.c- Onset and Rime
RF.K.2.d- CVC Words- Initial, Medial, and Final Sounds
RF.K.2.e- Phoneme Substitution
RF.K.3.a- Letter Sounds
RF.K.3.b- Long and Short Vowels
RF.K.3.c- High Frequency Sight Words
RF.K.3.d- Similarly Spelled Words and Word Families
RF.K.4- Kindergarten Fluency- Emergent Reader

Each unit comes with mini lessons for each standard, plus bonus activities to help practice those skills.

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