Easy Ways to Prevent the Summer Slide

Easy ways to prevent the summer slide.

I have compiled three tips on covering easy ways to prevent summer slide for each of your kiddos!

1. Send Home a Parent Suggestion Letter

One thing to help prevent the summer slide is to involve parents in this process. If the parents are aware of what the summer slide is and how they can help, they may be interested in trying to support their child. Send home a letter describing what the summer slide is and a checklist such as the one shown below.

Summer learning ideas for kids and parents.

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2. Summer Review Practice Packets

Practice packets are great for the summer slide. The kids are going home for two months, and they need something to keep their education at the front of their minds. Setting up a system where the students are reading for about 20 minutes each day and completing a short activity is ideal for keeping that information fresh in their minds.

Shown below is my 1st grade summer practice packet. It’s simple to print and assemble. There are also packets for 2nd grade and kindergarten. Keep scrolling for more easy ways to prevent the summer slide.

Summer review practice packet for preventing summer slide.

 Check out the simple steps! Print 2-sided, 1 set together at one time, cut, stack, and staple.

Check out the four grade levels that I have:

3. Set up an email address!

Setting up an email to communicate with students over the summer.

Create an email address for each specific class. Give this email to parents at the end of the year, requesting students to check-in if they want to keep in touch. Suggest that students email when they have finished a book, or finished their summer practice packet. Or, ask them to email you if they have any questions about math and writing practice. Think of class-specific email addresses, such as [email protected], so that you can continue this through the years and keep up with each group.

Thanks for reading easy ways to prevent the summer slide!


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