2.NBT.5 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction Strategies



This standards-based place value unit focuses on the Common Core math standards 2.NBT.5. This asks students to add and subtract 2-digit numbers fluently, using place value strategies. There are daily lesson plans, whole group activities, partner practice activities, MATH group centers, exit slips, and assessments.

I have also created a bonus 2.NBT.5 unit to help with regrouping. If you feel that your students need a crash-course on how-to regroup, then add the accompany pack into this lesson plan.

What’s included in the 4 daily lesson plans:

  • Whole group activity
  • Partner practice activity
  • MATH group: Math writing, Apply new skills, Teacher time, Hands-on math (Teacher time is differentiated learning opportunities for remediation, on-level, and enrichment.)
  • Exit slip

2.NBT.5 Focus:
–Day 1- Strategy: Base-Ten Blocks
–Day 2- Strategy: Break Apart (Expanded Form)
–Day 3- Strategy: Give and Take
–Day 4- Strategy: Number Line
–Day 5- Algorithm Practice
–Day 6- Mixed Review of Strategies

Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.

The 2.NBT.5 activities that are included in my short answer, centers, printables, and interactive notebooks are similar, but have all been changed to fit these lesson plans. The short answers have different prompts and are now part of MATH groups, the printables & interactive notebooks have been updated and are used during the ‘Apply new skills’ part of MATH groups.

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